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It consists of 281 selected and certified Borghi, whose distinctive trait is BEAUTY and which represent the concept of Made in Italy as an expression of the Italian excellence.

The literal translation of Borgo in English would be “Village”. But the term Village does not fully explains what a “Borgo” is. A “Borgo” (plural: “Borghi”) is a fascinating small Italian town, generally fortified and dating back to the period from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. It usually rises around a Castle or a Noble palace and  it is often surrounded by defensive walls and towers. Whether Medieval or Renaissance, sea or mountain, rural or lake, all of our certified Borgo represent the best of Unknown Italy: a journey through art, history, artistic treasures, beautiful landscapes, traditions and savors, for a unique and memorable travel experience. 

The Association.

The “Quality Charter” of the Association selects a tourist network of excellence, composed of towns appearing under a common brand name and logo, whose activity in tourist welcoming, maintenance and development is continuously monitored. The Quality Charter lays down the criteria to award the label of I Borghi più belli d’Italia and to access the Club. To be eligible the town must:

– have an architectural and/or natural heritage certified by the applying municipality and/or by the Ministry of cultural heritage and environmental conservation. Historic buildings must prevail over the total constructions and must form an aesthetically homogenous whole;

– offer an heritage valuable for its urban and architectural quality;

– show through actual facts a policy of enhancement, development, promotion and dissemination, satisfying certain criteria.




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